Following are layouts, photographs and downloadable case study pdf files of tradeshow booths,
event signage and environmental signage projects that I've designed.

autodesk design world
I designed a visual theme for Autodesk Design World held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
The 'visual style' for the event was applied to all of the printed promotional material as well as all on-site signage and banners.

Layout of Tradeshow Booth wall for Embarcadero Technologies. In certain of these projects,
I was not able to get to the event or get photographs of the finished booth.


I designed a complete visual theme for Support.com's Annual User's Forum for several years.
The visual 'look and feel' for the event included all printed material and signage.

Download a Case Study pdf of this project.

I designed a series of diagrams that became the focal point of Hitachi's Salira exhibit booth.

A simple ten by ten foot booth for a startup's first tradeshow.

Another booth for Embarcadero Technologies...

city center1
I designed a signage system for the City Center West Garage in Oakland, CA.

Download a Case Study pdf of this project.

city center2
I prepared the fabrication drawings for the City Center West Garage.

Download a Case Study pdf of these fabrication drawings.


Layout with notes to fabricator for Itemfield Tradeshow Booth wall.


commerce business park
Signage system for a business park in the Los Angeles area.

Download a Case Study pdf of this project.


ista booth
I designed a tradeshow booth for ISTS Software that highlighted diagrams explaining their technology.

A signage system for an office tower in Los Angeles.

Download a Case Study pdf of this project.


Thanks for taking the time to review my work.